Lights below exposed beams

Client Brief

As the country retreat for the client outside of London, the client had been interested in whole property systems as these would provide them with the ability to control each system remotely. Due to the nature of how the property might be used, the client wanted a large focus on security and the ability to remotely grant access for when the property may be used as a rental unit.

The system had to offer some exciting lighting integration in the main sociable areas but also work with their third-party lighting provider that was chosen to suit the property's decor. Furthermore, the main core automated system would have to be integrated such as heating and entertainment.

Our Solution

Following the client's requests, Home Automate developed the integration of several third-party elements and also planned works on a Loxone system.


  • Loxone RGBW recessed spotlights introduced throughout the property for customised scenes
  • Addition of Loxone RGBW strip lights in coving
  • Integration of third-party lighting that also enabled dimming functionality
  • Lighting positioning for the best home cinema experience
  • Motion sensors for energy efficiency


  • Wired control of the heating demand on the boiler
  • Integration of an underfloor heating system and ground source heat pump
  • Introduction of room temperature sensors inside wall switches
  • Combination with humidity levels and motion sensor activity


  • A mixture of Loxone Touch and Touch Pure devices which boast temperature and humidity sensors. These allow the client to have autonomous heating controls and engagement of ventilation in desired rooms. Each device has 5 touch points that offer single, double and triple tap options to link to any aspect of the properties smart home system.
  • Motion sensors that feature motion detection and brightness sensors to integrate as lighting controls, audio to only play in active zones, heating to engage in active zones, blind controls for security purposes.
  • Full remote access to whole system
  • Wireless sockets to control plugged-in devices


  • Integration with Controliss Blinds for privacy
  • Blinds to close when low light levels are detected by motion sensor for security purposes
  • Custom scheduling for a more pleasant morning alarm clock
  • Combined with temperature sensors to manage heat being introduced to rooms by sunlight and can block sunlight to decrease room temperature.


  • Recessed Loxone ceiling speakers in most rooms of the property for perfect background music
  • Introduction of Sonos surround sound system in home cinema
  • Combined link up from Sonos Connect to Loxone speakers


  • External IP security CCTV with motion wake-up
  • Instant notification of movement within a specific timeframe and activated modes
  • DoorBird integration for two-way audio and one-way video feed to enhance front door security
  • Integration with motion sensors for presence detection when activated
  • All external door and windows featuring door/window contacts to notify if forced open or to assist in energy efficiency.
  • Driveway gate integration
  • NFC touch codes for access to non-rental area

Renewable Energy

  • Integration of greywater system to use clean external water in non-drinking water functions.

Ilketshall, Suffolk

Date: September 2019

Project Summary

The client commenced discussing the integration of smart home technology whilst they were converting a derelict barn into a residential property. 

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Home cinema surround sound
  • External CCTV coverage
  • Underfloor heating integration
  • Smart heating system
  • Ventilation system
  • Shading
  • Custom security solutions
  • Driveway gate integration
  • Integration of grey water system

Project Status