Greens Norton, Northamptonshire

Smart Heating and Networking

Client Brief

The client had decided to introduce some smart technology into their property to enhance the management of their heating system so that it's based upon room by room basis rather than heating the full property when most rooms are inactive. Furthermore, the client had a persistent issue with their wireless network reaching successfully throughout the entire property even with multiple wifi routers.


Our Solution

We installed a wireless Loxone system (Air technology) to reduce the installation work on the property to nothing. 


  • Supported by a plumber to add valves to all the radiators within the property so that individual actuators could fit onto each radiator and control them independently
  • Fitted a Loxone Nano IO to send a relay to the heating demand when any actuator requested heating.


  • Alongside the heating, the client needed improvement of their wireless network and we instantly recommended one of our favourite products - Google Wifi - A three hub system created a mesh network through the property which it's thick stone walls had previously prevented sufficient speed and connection to devices. This mesh network ensured that the whole property included external area's received high-quality internet connections.
Greens Norton, Northamptonshire
Client Description

An upgrade of the clients heating and networking to make the property more suitable for occasional hosting and more suited to fewer occupants.

Key Elements

  • Smart heating controls
  • Improve wireless network

Project Progress