3d Render of house in Graven Hill

Client Brief

The client approached Home Automate in May 2018 alongside his business partner who was embarking on their first property development business that would initially be focused on the Graven Hill development site in Bicester. The site was aimed at offering self-build developments for bespoke homes that would allow the client to create their perfect home.

The project was focused on simplifying the client home experience and allowing the property to be secure with discrete components. The main element was control so the client was able to minimise the requirement for a physical action when in the home but also remote access to everything when away from the property.

The client also had some custom elements which would be introduced during the build but also additional elements which would be added in the future due to regulating costs for the structural build rather than additional components. A large focus for the client was integration an overall on/off control for their aquarium which replaced a dividing wall between the main living space and a cinema room. 

Graven hill house build project with scaffolding

Our Solution

The detailed brief allowed Home Automate to create the perfect solution for the development and due to the requirement of easy expansion, decided upon a core Loxone system.


  • The project also included introducing RGBW spotlights within a false ceiling design to offer a vibrant and colour experience on demand including bespoke scenes for when the client would be entertaining guests. 
  • Included relay controls for the remainder of the lighting through the property including the large aquarium lights and a large entrance chandelier.


  • Loxone speakers are being integrated to allow for the doorbell chime but also to allow other audio outputs within the property.

Heating & Cooling

  • We worked with the clients underfloor heating supplier (Nu-Heat) to create flawless control between both systems.
  • The underfloor heating systems also require a constant hot water circulation to ensure that when requested, heating was instant to each room on an independent basis.
  • A standard relay control was implemented on the ventilation system to regulate the properties temperature more effectively during warmer months.


  • Included a DoorBird 101S doorbell which offers motion detection, live video display, video recording and two-way voice interaction so the client would be able to manage this when away from the property but also be able to answer the door from anywhere inside the property within checking the door. 
  • Full external CCTV coverage with Lilin cameras means that the client has full knowledge of everything happening around their property. 
  • Bespoke security features were implemented to increase security at the property.  

Future Proofed Elements

  • Additional cabling was laid to cover extra components such as cinema project and projector screen.

Graven Hill, Bicester

Date: August 2019

Project Summary

The client had gone into business with our otherGraven Hilldevelopment and had integrated some automated elements into their new build property but also wired throughout to expand their system in the future

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Multi-room entertainment system
  • Full external CCTV coverage
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Nu-Heat underfloor heating integration

Project Status