Granthum home with smart gate

Client Brief

Following purchasing the property, the client had requested the integration of home automation to create the perfect property for the entire family. Their initial scope of work was to feature independent heating controls for each room in the property that would be controllable in each room but without having to use a digital display. In addition, they wanted lighting control so they could set up simulation modes for when the property was vacant and also to make energy consumption more efficient with lighting and also full security coverage of the internal and external areas. 

All of this had to be achieved using products with a minimalist design so it could blend into the properties structure rather than become a feature.

Top floor with open rafters and exposed under floor heating

Our Solution

This project had a heightened focus on component design alongside functionality to ensure that the finished style was achieved in line with the client vision. We quickly understood the scope of work and components required, however, sat down with the client to provide the options available with a variety of finishes. 


  • To achieve the client's suitable management of security, we provided internal coverage of the property through discrete Loxone motion sensors which would have multiple purposes as presence detection in security when the alarm system is active, motion sensing for activating lights and also as a brightness sensor to only engage the lighting when the conditions dictate that the light is required. 
  • External security was provided by the integration of CCTV which was strategically positioned around the property to cover every section and be visible through the application anywhere. 
  • The property will eventually feature an electric driveway gate and the client has installed a flush mounted DoorBird D2101KV to provide remote control of access, 2-way audio interaction, 1-way video feed, motion detection and combined keypad access.


  • The property large area required the underfloor heating supplier to install 3 manifolds to manage the heating system and therefore the Loxone actuators came in useful to manage each circuit within the system. This also allows each room to be managed independently based upon demand.


  • A key piece within the system is the Touch Pure components which offer an enhanced glass finished and replace standard wall switches, these components offer single, double and triple tap functionality that means the client can control any smart aspect in the property once configured by our team. 
  • In addition to their design, the Touch Pure also has built-in temperature sensors so when activating a specific heating setting for each room in the property, the Touch Pure can feedback continuous room temperature readings so the system can manage the heating system without the client being involved. 

Grantham, Lincolnshire

Date: June 2019

Project Summary

A conversion from an incomplete barn into a large residential property suitable for a large family.

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Full external CCTV coverage
  • Underfloor heating integration
  • Room temperature management
  • Gate automation

Project Status