Loxone kitchen with lighting and speakers

Client Brief

Following the client's short brief to integrate everything within the Loxone range, we undertook the development for integrating each section within creating a large server cabinet as the property was being expanded from a 2 bedroom to a 4 bedroom property. The key component for the client was to reduce the number of daily tasks that'd have to perform.

As highlighted, the property was going to be undergoing a large double story extension to double the size of the property and this provided the perfect opportunity to install a wired Loxone system for reliability but also future expansion.

Our Solution

Following the client's request to automate everything within the property from the Loxone range, we worked alongside a team of builders and electricians who were already performing an extension to maintain costs for the client.


  • Loxone RGBW recessed spotlights introduced throughout the property for customised scenes
  • Inclusion of motion sensors for minimising the requirement of turning on/off lights


  • Valve actuators added to the underfloor heating manifold to ensure quick heat distribution on a room-by-room basis
  • Wired control of the heating demand on the boiler
  • Integration of underfloor heating system
  • Introduction of room temperature sensors inside wall switches


  • Loxone Touch devices which boast temperature and humidity sensors. These allow the client to have autonomous heating controls in the desired rooms. Each device has 5 touch points that offer single, double and triple tap options to link to any aspect of the properties smart home system.
  • Motion sensors that feature motion detection and brightness sensors to integrate as lighting controls, audio to only play in active zones, heating to engage in active zones, blind controls for security purposes.


  • Integration of Loxone shading/blind motors to fit inside custom-made blinds to maintain interior design but also works with motion sensors and pre-scheduled plans.
  • Blinds to close when low light levels are detected by motion sensor for security purposes
  • Custom scheduling for a more pleasant morning alarm clock
  • Combined with temperature sensors to manage heat being introduced to rooms by sunlight and can block sunlight to decrease room temperature.
  • Pre-scheduled plans to open and close the blinds when desired by the client.


  • 6 zone Loxone music server for different audio outputs for each zone or to combine zones together to suit any occasion
  • Recessed Loxone ceiling speakers in most rooms of the property for perfect background music
  • Multiple media inputs available (AirDrop, Spotify, Apple Music, Bluetooth)
  • Linked speakers to intercom as doorbell audio output.


  • Loxone intercom integration for two-way audio and one-way video feed to enhance front door security
  • Access logging through NFC tags and personalised codes.
  • Integration with motion sensors for presence detection when activated
  • All external door and windows featuring door/window contacts to notify if forced open or to assist in energy efficiency.

Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire

Date: June 2018

Project Summary

The client approached Home Automate to create a fully automated property which included everything we had to offer.

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Multi-room entertainment system
  • Underfloor heating integration
  • Smart heating system
  • Ventilation system
  • Shading
  • Security protection
  • Door entry measures

Project Status