Starting Your Smart Home Project

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Why a smart home?

Smart homes are the future of how our properties are built and the experiences for you as the homeowner. Whether you are looking to make your self-build or renovate an existing property. There are different solutions available to achieve what you want.

At Home Automate, we pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke installation and set-up to suit you in your smart home rather than you having to adjust to a generic smart home.

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How do we work?

Our team of smart home experts offer several methods to get your smart home project started. This may be from our free quote service off plans to a home consultation which includes a visit by one of our technical team to discuss your options. We will continually be working to provide you with the best smart home design and products so you'll have a detailed quote and design prior to committing to our services.

Get in touch

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Start by understanding what’s possible

We mainly use the Loxone smart home system for our installations but we do have some custom solutions available created in-house. Find out more about our projects that use Loxone. Our team are always available to discuss what can be achieved with a smart home on 0333 577 7797 or alternatively, let us post a Loxone magazine to you so you can read about the possibilities, just submit your details below to get a free magazine.

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Free quote service

If you’ve got your properties plans and also know the elements you’d like to be quoted or you may want to get a breakdown of all the available options. All we require is an electronic copy of your plans submitted to our team at sales@home-automate.co.uk. We take care of the rest by returning a free quote tailored to your project. This may include a member of our team requiring some further information but we will be in contact if needed. Contact a member of our team today.

Request Free Loxone Magazine

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Home Consultation

We offer a consultation service, whereby we will arrange for a member of our technical team to visit you at the property or a suitable location to go through the possibilities available and discuss your project. This service is free if the property is within 50 miles of Home Automate (NN8 6GR), and a surcharge may be applied if further than 50 miles, however, please discuss your request with a member of our team.

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Showhome Visit

A showhome experience is a great way to gain an understanding of what’s achievable within your project but also to get familiar with the products available with Home Automate. We have a Home Automate showhome in Rushden, Northamptonshire and can also arrange to take you to the Loxone showroom in Reading.

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Finalising Your Project

Finalising your project may require some work between you and the technical team to ensure that the designed system is perfect to you, but once we’ve come to the perfect system, then confirming with our team is extremely simple. If you need more support, advice or guidance then just ask our team.

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Confirming and the next steps

To confirm your project, we require an electronically signed copy of the quote you would like to confirm to sales@home-automate.co.uk. This will confirm the agreement between both parties that your smart home is to be started. Home Automate will then issue an invoice for the initial payment (If a payment plan is available) or the full project value. Once Home Automate confirm that payment has been cleared then the project will commence.


Our team will start creating wiring diagrams and make all the arrangements for fulfilling your smart home project. A member of our team will be in contact to discuss when the wiring diagrams and required arrangements plan to be completed so you know exactly what’s going to happen and when. You will receive on-going support during development and regular contact from our support team.


Whether Home Automate are working alongside a client-supplied electrician or you’ve opted to use Home Automate’s professional installers, the project will start to come to shape. Installations come available in a wired and wireless version dependent on your project. If you’ve opted for Home Automate’s payment plan, then the second invoice will be required prior to delivery of the smart devices.


Your smart home will have most of its configuration planned during the quoting phase and this is when our experts configure every device in the property and create those autonomous processes which will remove daily tasks from you. If required, we will work with you to expand your bespoke configuration after you’ve started seeing elements working together.

Sign off

Your smart home is ready to be enjoyed - Our team will visit you at the property and ensure you’re fully competent in using the system. Then it's time to experience your futuristic home.