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A cutting-edge compact sound solution for all that is AV-related in your house. This is the ultimate compact soundbar that will satisfy all your needs. New features include voice control and sound quality that can fill up your entire household.

Sonos definitely raised the bar with this one, so it will be really hard to find something out there that can currently match this fantastic smart soundbar within a similar price. When first looking at this device it is almost unbelievable how many features they managed to put inside this rather tiny - compared to other soundbars out there - Sonos soundbar. Before diving into its impressive features and everything, be aware that this marvellous device is 25 in long so it can be conveniently placed anywhere - literally - and it won't bother or become distracting to anyone. 

Like we mentioned before it has voice control, but it goes way beyond that, there are speech enhancement and night mode (so the little ones can sleep tight) among others, and with Sonos constant software updates, you´ll feel like you never finish knowing the limits of your soundbar, as every update brings new elements for you to enjoy.


When first looking at this soundbar it is hard to believe that with its small size it can equal up to the other sound solutions out there in the market, but it does big time. Sonos is madly driven by the impulse of creating THE most exceptional room-filling sound experience, so rest assured that with Sonos the audio experience is going to reach a new level of clarity. It´ll make you feel like you're in a recording studio or at the movie director´s sound editing chambers. 

Ok, so what is that particular aspect that separates Sonos from the others? Well, they´re not just driven by technology and cool features, there's also art and passion for their crafts. With Sonos you have the best of both worlds, you have the cool aspect of technology which brings all the elements that are necessary for this modern ages and to stay in the top of the business but also they implement the art component which delivers so much beauty to the sound.

It is a perfect balance between acoustic and engineering alongside with the flawless talent of a crew that cares only for providing top-notch sound quality. Plus they get their feedback from the people who create music (big shots within the industry), from film sound people to artists and other music producers who know first hand how things should sound. Through Sonos, you have the possibility to get a beautifully crafted device, with all the cutting edge elements which have been tested by music and sound makers.

All of the above goes to show that the size of this little one can definitely fool you, because it holds so much power in those 25 inches, so your family and guests will not notice its presence until they get hit with this fantastic surround sound system. It may be small, but you will get lost in this marvellous sound experience. Everything that goes through the Sonos Beam (movies, soap-operas, video games, plays ANY type of content basically) can be adjusted with the innovative, so it gets to the point of sound maximisation thus creating a unique sound experience. 

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Putting aside all the edgy features and design of the Sonos Beam soundbar, one thing that we should mention is that there's an upcoming software upgrade that will allow many Sonos products - not just this one here -  to stream content from iOS into the soundbar. Such an upgrade is called Airplay 2, and it contains access to more than 80 streaming services, this assures that you´ll be getting the most value out of your soundbar. 

Airplay 2 will also enhance voice control features on the Sonos Beam, meaning that through Siri, users can access and control Apple Music from the soundbar, plus it comes with Amazon's Alexa built in already. Or if you desire to use the app instead of voice control, you can also switch to that one and use the app which supports Spotify and Tidal.

The alternative to wireless, you can just use it through an HDMI connection to your TV set and use the remote on your TV to handle Sonos Beam. You´re the boss, and you decide how you want to enter the fantastic realm of enhanced sound quality.

Plus the addition of the voice control feature gives the impression that you took that virtual assistant off your smartphone and put it right in front of your TV, and with so much content available that can go through the Sonos Beam soundbar you can expect a unique overall sound experience. 

You can order it in black or white, depending on your taste or on how it will fit your house colour configuration. Very friendly to install, pretty much similar to other Sonos products, you just plug it in, download the app and voila! Ready to party.

Trust the leading brand in the smart speaker business, trust quality and passion for outstanding sound quality, trust the entire music and film industry that backs up this fantastic technology. It will fit every single Audio & Video requirement you may have.

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Regardless of where you decided to put the Sonos Beam sound bar, you'll instantly feel the difference. It is an excellent addition to any Sonos sound system, it can also be the perfect way to start this fantastic Sonos experience.

We can positively assure that this is a product we´ve all been waiting for, from size to performance this one takes it all, and making that statement in a market that is continuously changing and improving (such as the smart speaker market) makes the difference. You will definitely see the value here, plus your delivering entertainment and comfort to everyone in the household. This is the upgrade any smart home (or any home) must have.