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Alexa devices

Smart home devices are growing in popularity

Smart Home technology is expanding in gigantic steps. Every day more families embrace this technology which is rapidly turning in the best lifestyle ally for families. Nearly all aspects of smart home technology can be automated. There’s smart lighting, heating, security, entertainment. There are even solutions to get a smart garden or a smart kitchen. Take a look at 2019's most popular home automation devices.
Alexa showing prompt in speech bubble

Alexa and voice control capabilities:

Experts predict that by 2022 the home automation market will grow globally around 11% each year. One of the smart home aspects that rapidly grows is entertainment.

Smart speakers, for instance, are taking over the market. Big brands like Apple’s HomePod, Google Home or Amazon’s Echo are dominating sales.

These devices not only bring entertainment for families, but they also change our lifestyle and make our daily tasks more comfortable and efficient. In fact, smart home technology is so advanced right now that there are devices that can actually learn from their owner’s individual patterns and preferences.

Voice control capabilities bring a lot of benefits to any smart home. They are so popular right now that it can be hard to find a smart home device that doesn’t include Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

There’s a fast increase in usage of these voice assistant enabled devices. Families love how these devices provide monitoring, diagnostics, remote control and full automation capabilities.

Nest thermostat showing away mode

What’s next

The smart home industry has been looking at AI (Artificial Intelligence) as the next big development. This means that we can expect some great advances in that field. 

This technology goes beyond operating smart home devices around the house, the industry is aiming to create a type of technology that can fully learn all of their owner's routines and patterns.

A good example of the approach that Smart Home technology is making with AI is the Nest Learning Thermostat. This device learns the schedules and preferences of the household and gradually starts implementing them with no input from users. The device is fully in charge of its functionality.

Right now it’s just being implemented for smart heating but soon enough this type of technology will be available for other smart home aspects such as security and lighting.

Various smart doorbells

Safety and Monitoring

Another side of Smart Home technology that is gaining a lot of popularity among people is security. Smart Home security cameras and smart video doorbells are leading the way in which smart home security is moving.

Smart doorbell rings are fantastic for households with children. This technology puts parents in control of their house’s security when children are inside the house and parents are still working.

Parents can answer the door from afar and communicate with visitors using a smartphone app. The best part is that families can integrate smart doorbells with other security elements like security cameras or smart motion sensors to turn them into the perfect surveillance team looking out for your children.

Climate Control & Lighting

Smart heating/cooling is one of the most popular sides of Smart Home technology. The most popular features are learning thermostats and localized heating, which means that people get to choose the climate in different areas of the house.

Another big plus of this technology is that due to its popularity prices are more and more affordable which makes them very appealing for users.

Finally, there’s smart lighting. Despite not being as popular as smart climate control it provides many solutions that bring comfort and security to families. The mixture of smart lighting, security and smart sensors are real allies for parents looking after their children’s safety.

Smart lighting let users play with colour light and new solutions, like strip lighting, lets people take light virtually anywhere they want. Soon there’ll be no need for hubs or bridges to function.

Smart Home technology, just like it happened with smartphones will only continue to grow in our benefit. It will become smarter and more affordable. If you have any doubts regarding bringing Smart Home technology to your house, click here to let a team of real experts guide you in discovering how well this technology adapts to you.