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Does anyone remember back in the early 2000's when everything started to quick escalate with smartphones? Back then some predictions were made on how by the end of the decade everyone was to be holding a mobile phone to conduct all of his/her tasks. It was a bold and futuristic statement. 

Then we realised that it was going to take a little bit longer to get there, and now you can see it is pretty difficult to find someone who does not own a smartphone nowadays. We rely on those devices for almost everything, and no one can deny that they´re one piece of fantastic technology and probably one of humanity's greatest inventions for the new era.

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Well, those predictions are now being applied to the whole "new" development of the Home Automation industry. Yes, right now the number of smart homes in the UK is significantly low but based on the way that the industry is growing, it is almost a certainty that this process is developing precisely as it did with smartphones 15 years ago. But with some fantastic prospects ahead in the path, the sky is pretty much the limit.

So it is not crazy to affirm that probably by the end of 2020 the number of houses relying on some form of smart home technology,  will be considerably higher than now. That means that families in the UK are getting much more familiar with smart home technology once they finally become homeowners,  but the process starts while they live in rented houses. Very much similar to the smartphone process 15 years ago. 

With that in mind, we´ve come up with some reasons on why you should improve somehow your house and bring the smart-home element to your day to day living. After reading this, there´ll be no hesitation on taking the next step forward to Home Automation.

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No more repetitive tasks:  If you have a daily routine of duties that have become repetitive throughout the years, there's a few you can scratch off the list with Home Automation. Let's say for instance turning lights on and off when watching a movie. You can have this solved with one button. Some companies have dimmers and energy regulators that will detect an empty room and turn off the light. Or maybe you´re fed up with the traditional white or yellow light; then you can get smart light bulbs and dimmers that will project the colour you desire for any particular occasion. You'll have that covered and can concentrate on much more complex tasks instead.  

Save money: Now, this should be the first one for obvious reasons, but we thought we give you a glimpse of the whole smart home concept before getting too financial. But it is no secret that some of this fantastic devices DO save energy and money on utility bills. Lighting, locks, the thermostat can be controlled and monitored in a way they don't waste electricity or water, saving you money. 

Motion detectors can tell if a room is not being used and turn the lights off for you, this becomes really handy for those places in the house where you usually walk in/out with your hands full, like your laundry room for instance. Leak detectors can tell you if there's any water or gas leak, -even if there is no one inside the house-  they have apps to monitor everything from afar, thus saving you money again. You can attest that there are no high bills or any increase in utility bill once you enter the Home Automation territory.

Out of the dark instantly: No more tripping over or wondering in the darkness looking for the light switch. Light controllers can illuminate any stairway, closets when you enter without falling or hitting any objects lying around.

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Home security comes first: We know this is a primary concern not just for future smart homeowners, but to everyone who lives in a house. But this is not an option for most homeowners due to excessive maintenance costs or monitoring fees. Well, with home automation you can get home security solutions that can fit most budgets for sure.

Eco-Friendly: The money you save on utility bills also translates in benefits for the environment. When we do our regular house tasks, we may tend to let the water run or leave the lights on unnecessarily. By utilising Home Automation everyone wins, you, your loved ones and the planet. This technology definitely addresses that concern for our ecosystem and provides complete peace of mind in that department.

Home alone? Relax: You can have the confidence of leaving your house alone now. Security and surveillance cameras, motion detectors can be the vigilantes of your house now. Some of these features will even go as far as creating the impression that your not alone which can mislead potential wrong-doers. Every day brings new solutions for security, and you can monitor everything around your house from anywhere in the globe, just by a using an app. Yes, as easy as it sounds.

Entertainment, anyone? Most home automation projects have fantastic entertainment centres: from smart audio servers (so music can follow you around the house, reflecting your mood for that particular day) to cinema-like loudspeakers, it is up to you to determine how mesmerising and fascinating you want your home automation project to be.

The joy of bonding together as a family: You care for your loved ones, and you want them to develop good positive values- Well, what else can you expect from a smart home in which all members can enjoy these solutions together as a united household.  We can predict lots and lots of fun for your family because an intelligent house can bring a family closer together.


Starting a home automation project, it is not just about solutions and fancy gadgets. It is about entering a new world where life is a convenient hassle-free experience. Wouldn't you just fall in love with the possibility of controlling light, temperature, audio and entertainment without leaving your chair? Or being confident that nobody is going to trespass your premises because you have a 24-7 virtual vigilante protecting after your belongings. 

Whatever your requirements are, there's a solution for them: mood lightning suitable for each occasion, getting your pet's food on a schedule, program tv shows appropriate for your kids, unlock doors as you approach them, you can even dress the coffee machine to get going without leaving your bed.
From Eco-friendly to secure everything you own. Smart homes are the way technology is improving human life as we know it. What else is there to know, get ready for a life-changing experience.

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