Nest Cams have just become even smarter

Nest indoor cameras

One of the greatest things about the Nest products is that is continuously getting better and better each day via software updates. For example Nest recently allowed customers the ability to add Google assistant to the Nest cam IQ indoors. Users are also capable of adding more intelligent activity zones to the Nest Aware and much more flexibility with their new subscription plans. 

Nest aware app

New Nest Aware plan.

The Nest Aware is continuously updating so you can enjoy and use all the latest features, but more specifically, the subscription service that gives your Nest Cam offers more intelligent alerts and 24/7 continues video recording so that you can always look at your video history and see if you have missed anything while you were gone or sleeping. The Nest Aware plan is now adding a 5-day plan for £4 a month to be more accessible to all budgets. It sure looks like they don't want to let users miss the experience of truly feeling protected at home at all times.

Indoor nest camera with Google Assistant Built-in logo

Nest security camera, your new personal assistant. 

Google Assistant adds a whole new level of intelligence by helping you answer all the possible questions you may have, manage your tasks and control your home. In order to launch your own Google Assistant on your Nest Cam IQ indoor, all you just have to say is ‘’Okay Google’’ followed by any command or query, you may require. 

You can have it raise the temperature on your Nest Learning thermostat just by asking it to do so at any time or even ask your assistant to create calendar appointments and reminders. Google Assistant is already available as part of your Nest App.

Nest hello camera and app

Nest Aware alerts are becoming more intelligent.

The Nest Aware customers now have two brand new features. The latest app version, allows you to be alerted when any activity has been detected at home, and it can now tell the difference between a  person or something in any of your activity zones. Now if you have a Nest Cam IQ indoor or outdoor camera, the Nest aware will now duplicate familiar faces of the same person within your photo collection for more security at home.

Do not miss those important quality time moments anymore. With more precise and flexible options for home, secure monitoring, keeping track of what is going on at home at all times and what is happening has never been easier than with Nest and your new Google assistant. 

For more questions regarding the Nest Products or your Google assistant please do not hesitate and contact Home Automate, we offer you a personalised and professional solution. 

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