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For over four decades Meridian has managed to push all barriers in the sound system industry, continually winning awards for their incredible work. Their high-quality manufacturing makes Meridian one of the most desired audio products. 

Meridian has the experience for customers looking for high quality, new features and the advanced technology as standard. Meridian offers an extensive catalogue of products to cover all of your needs, either with a power amplifier or an advanced, high-quality speaker. 

Meridian Home Theatre

Founded in 1977 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd. Meridian Audio, based in Huntingdon, has proven to be one of the leading audio solutions companies in the world. Including projects on a global scale in China, India and many other countries.

Meridian is always looking to push the boundaries for the quality of their products, with powerful new partners like LG Electronics. Thus, bringing even higher performance to their platform to ensure you receive the Meridian experience wherever you need it. See example products below:

Meridian black dps7200

Special edition DSP8000

This product is the largest and most potent of their series in Meridian loudspeakers.  The DSP8000 possesses breathtaking performance, coupled with the most advanced and elegant features that Meridian has yet produced, lightweight, dual voice coil and refined high-frequency performance with 5  powerful wide range amplifiers, clamp rings ensuring the bass and midrange drivers are isolated giving the most controlled and detailed sound possible. 

Meridian DSP7200hc


Built by hand in the UK, the DSP5200.2HC is an elegant digital active loudspeaker, with a new level of the electronic amplification system. All enclosed in a refined designed casing, advanced high-efficiency composite dome with centre elevation adjustment to raise the perceived image location for a realistic listening experience. Furthermore, equipped with three powerful wide range amplifiers and onboard DSP providers thermal and dynamic bass protection.

Meridian dsp3200


The DSP3200 is a versatile compact loudspeaker that carries a lot of power beyond its size. It is designed to require minimal space. While making sure you do not lose the full experience behind the high-quality technology of Meridian. Best of all, you can connect this to your other Meridian loudspeakers or Meridian home theatre to give you a more immersive perception. Two powerful built-in 75W amplifiers perfectly suited to a wide range of room positions, with onboard DSP thermal and dynamic bass protection perfect for long periods of time uses, enhanced boundary correction enabling greater speaker placement flexibility.


Meridian’s advanced technology, high-quality products, solutions and systems provide smart homes with the best audio entertainment. Simply instruct your entertainment system to turn on by using voice and tune into any radio station or song from your library.

Meridian will impress with their impeccable customer service and their products. They will make life at home less complicated and entertain with just the use of your finger or voice. Price vary in comparison to competitors but the quality outweighs the prices. The high levels of technology, the finishing designs and the advanced performances provided have made Meridian a very good investment for home.

Rewriting theory of virtual sound is what the technicians at Meridian have accomplished. All the components that interfere one way or another when playing music through loudspeakers, such as playback, connections, the very cabinet will create interference in our enjoying-the-sound experience, they all have a strong impact on the sound experience. 


Every component is rigorously revisited and corrected by Meridian; hence they have redesigned the very concept and created a new one which integrates all the elements mentioned above into the loudspeaker, thus creating a new hearing experience, so degradation is minimised. They have also aligned the bass along with the sound which produces a unique blend of sounds on its purest form, so you can almost feel as if touching the music, genuinely breathtaking experience of a lifetime.

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