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You may not have heard of Loxone, it’s relatively new to the home automation game. But we predict huge things for these home automation systems, that’s why we’ve taken the time to learn and offer the systems to our clients.

"No gimmicks, only intelligent homes" Loxone’s core slogan. Loxone makes smart home technology to make daily life easier and more comfortable, without taking away the home feeling. Founded in 2009 in Austria by Thomas Moser & Martin Öller invented the Loxone system initially by themselves, and to this day has created over 50.000 smart homes worldwide, bringing comfort to many families whilst also keeping your home and your family safe.

That alone may say a lot about Loxone. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's talk more about Loxone smart homes. Integration of intelligent heating, entertainment, security, and smart lights control will keep watch over home whilst keeping personal information safe. Each user has the ability to use the Loxone app to make life a lot more productive and customisable to suit everyone.

A Loxone smart home provides you with everything you need to enjoy your time at home with your family, by providing safety, ambience, and comfort. This allows you and your family a new experience they will love.

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Smart Entertainment:

Loxone provides the latest technology in home entertainment systems by using LAN servers connected to your app.

You can play any music you desire to give a lovely ambience in your home. Utilising motion sensors, the music can follow you into any room you need. Thus allowing you to do your daily activities whilst perfectly enjoying music. 

We also know how annoying it is to wake up in the morning with a loud smartphone alarm and endure that annoying vibration sound against our nightstand. That’s why your entertainment system can also be used to help you get up in the morning, by tuning into your favourite radio station, or song, at a comfortable volume.

The sound system also helps with the mood in every room, providing any tune or music you wish in any specific place at the same time. You could be in your study listening to your favourite song while your family is in another room listening to the radio. Each system can receive alerts through the Loxone app to pause the music with a quick tap if someone is ringing at your door or you need to answer a phone call.

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Smart Heating: 

With Loxone smart homes you won't need to worry about how cold or hot it might be outside, with the use of the Loxone app, you can instantly control the temperature for any occasion or let autopilot take care of everything for you.

By integrating zones you will be able to warm up the entire house, or just the rooms you and your family will be using helps to save on those energy bills. We all know energy bills can be very costly, but with intelligent heating, you will appreciate how it will help you save, as the heating won’t be activated in the rooms that are not being used. Built-in temperature sensors monitor the temperature in the house to keep it warm, whilst being cost-efficient. With the smart app, you can turn on the heating on your way home from work so you can have a warm welcome back.

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Alarm System: 

Loxone keeps your house protected while you and your family are away working, out for the weekend or enjoying a long-awaited, well-deserved break. The Loxone app will ensure you are alerted by checking that every door and window is closed, whilst also making sure all the lighting and heating are on the correct settings. In addition, your home can protect from frost damage by setting a low temperature to keep your home warm while you’re away to avoid any issues with the cold weather. 

Using your smart systems as a deterrent has never been easier whereby your lighting can replicate someone being home whilst you’re away, Motion sensors and CCTV cameras around your house, all built into your Loxone Miniserver, will keep you informed of anything that happens at home while you’re away. Giving you an immediate call to let you know if it senses any form of suspicious movement near your home. The motion sensors will work as alarm sensors, triggering a loud audible alarm and flashing lights to scare any intruders away from the house, keeping you and your family safe while you contact the local authorities.

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Smart Lights: 

Loxone smart lights control the mood and ambience of your entire home, giving you that comfort feeling we all want. You wake up in the middle of the night, to get a drink but you normally have to turn on those blinding lights every time which makes it difficult to go back to bed when your eyes are now blinded and bothered. With Loxone smart lights, light intensity sensors and knowledge of the time of day will help you to make your way to the kitchen with dimmed and soft lights.

RGBW lights let you control every setting of the lights in any way you want, whereby during the mornings when you’re getting out of bed, you could enjoy soft and comforting lighting. Thus allowing you to wake up peacefully. Why not make the perfect lighting settings for the home and kitchen while we eat your breakfast and read the news.

During the evening, your smart home can change to have brighter lights for your evening activities such as making your family dinner. Now once the meal has been served, dining settings can set the lights to be gentle and dim, lighting up your dining table while you spend up some quality time with your family.

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Loxone can provide an amazing experience for you and your family. Our clients have discovered that they have never felt so comfortable before in their homes, since installing Loxone intelligent products. Spending time with your family, having dinner together, or watching a movie is made easier with a Loxone system. Every aspect of your system is stored on your miniserver in your house to keep all your personal information safe whilst giving you some deserved comfort.

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