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Founded in 1980 in the city of Taipei, Taiwan by C.C Hsu. The company started producing Wall Brackets when the CCD (couple-charged device) industry was getting its name known around the globe.

Focused on a consistent innovation, spirit and excellent customer service, Lilin achieved ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9002 accreditation in 1994 as a result of their focus on high quality in every area of their brand.

Joining the IP (Internet Protocol) market in 2008, Lilin is unquestionably one of the world's leading developers in high-end IP based products.

Through the conversion process from Analog to IP, Lilin has accomplished vital contributions to the industry. Lilin launched the first ONVIF camera. Following this achievement, they launched the first NVR  (Network Video Recorder) designed for various recording applications. 

With a Powerful research and development team of more than 50 engineers, they are discovering the right piece of technology that will bring excellence to any habitat, whether it’s a home or business.

Already ruling the green internet or Eco-friendly Hosting which describes the means of hosting without producing CO2 on the internet with Green technologies that have a low impact on the environment, and peer to peer scenarios, Lilin is the future of video surveillance manufacturing.


Day and Night 4K HD IP Camera (UHG1182E)

This security camera has many features needed for security & safety:

  • Ultra HD 12.0 Megapixel CMOS based Imaging Sensor.

  • 4K True H.264 AVC High Profile video compression.

  • H264 & Motion JPEG Multi profile video streaming access.

  • 3D MCTF Noise filter reduction.

  • 2D imaging within a High Dynamic Range (WDR).

Lilin-32 CH 4K Standalone Network Video Recorder

32 CH 4K Standalone Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorders  (NVR) support Ultra HD video recording resolution up to 32 channels. This allows more visible detail & clearer images with Ultra High Definition. Each NVR uses low power consumption. 

  • 32 Channel H.264 network Camera Input.

  • Up to 4K H.264 network Camera Support.

  • Up to 1080P 120 frames per Second (FPS) 4 times higher than the industry norm of 30 FPS Network camera support.

  • Ethernet Failure Redundancy or Sharing Support.

  • External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSATA) storage support.

  • HDMI 2.0 (4K) & VGA 1080P Output.



Lilin's VMS navigation software can record and manage from 1 to 36 cameras of High-Resolution IP cameras, DVRs or NVRs cameras. It will also support as many as 36 channels IP cameras on 2 monitors for TV Wall application. Features include:

  • 64Bits.

  • Recording Modes for Scheduling, motion Detection & Manual recording.

  • 36 Channels with Live Video.

  • Up to 400 Mbps Recording Speed for Uploading & Downloading.

  • 7 Day Recording Schedule on a 24-hour timetable. All Modes configurable.

  • Alarm Recording for Face/Audio/Tampering/Motion & DI detections.

  • Playback Speed range from 1 / 8  to 32 X.

  • Playback Search via Date/Time/Event/Smart Search/Motion/Plate & Record Tagging.

Regardless of the project, Lilin´s IP security cameras will bring you the control you're seeking. The award-winning ultra series camera guarantees a high definition image, making sure that you know everything that goes around your business, no spot will be missed.

From steel factories to college campuses Lilin has proven by far their mastery when it comes to IP security cameras, providing steady and reliable images every single time. Always in the pursuit of new technologies, their products are always cutting-edge and even their previous models will be compatible with any new feature that is released, this is important if you consider the longevity of your business an important matter.

Lilin can easily say that they have served every single industry out there, providing outstanding accuracy in real time, and this is not just about their IP security cameras, their video recorders and software will give you the ultra-high definition on surveillance that you and your customers deserve.

Homeowners have many responsibilities. Protection of all their family and guests. Ensuring a safe environment for everyone is one of them.
Lilin Security System, effective surveillance system, with combinations of cameras & IP Video surveillance equipment provides the solutions with Home Automation Integrators installers.

Going that extra mile on security when carrying out a home automation project means to add the flawless services of LILIN´s ultra series IP cameras. This is by far a technology that is suitable for any home automation project you have in mind, it will be the ultimate addition in order to assure complete safety of your smart home.