How to choose the right outdoor speaker setup.

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Once the weather is warming up, most of us find an excuse to be outside relaxing in our garden. To read a book, gardening, tanning or even hosting a BBQ, and being outside is a lot more fun with our favourite tunes on hand. Nothing can beat that feeling, and now by choosing your perfect outdoor speakers, you can have access to your music at any time while having fun in the sun. 

There are plenty of outdoor speakers that will help you take your music outside. When you are designing and installing for your garden, there are some things you must consider before you step into action.

Choose between two types of outdoor speakers.

Generally, there are different types of speakers designed for the outdoor entertainment. However, we want to talk to you about the best option and solution for enjoying genuine outdoors entertainment. We want to talk to you about the permanently mount outdoor speakers that go under eaves, around the swimming pool or anywhere in your garden to offer you the best sound experience outdoors.

Outdoor BBQ

Permanent outdoor speakers.

Great outdoor spaces are made even greater with the help of outdoor speakers. Summertime is when we start having our BBQ cook-offs with all of our friends and it is about time we enjoy our patios with chilled drinks and a nice breeze, and having music player over outdoor speakers makes all of those experiences even more enjoyable. 

If you are the kind of person that takes their indoor music seriously, then you should really take your outdoor music system just as seriously. For that, there are many ways to get high-quality audio onto your garden. Some of the best manufactures for indoor speakers, also create incredible outdoor speakers, giving you the full quality sound from the speakers you know but with the option to enjoy it now while having a nice BBQ with your family and friends. Enjoying the sun or the breeze won’t mean sacrificing the sound of your favorite music. 

The best way to enjoy high quality, immersive sounds on your deck, porch or your yard are the passive stereo speakers. Receiving power and signal from a home receiver while using your phone as a music source to play any tune you want.

There are two significant differences between indoor speakers and outdoor speakers.

  • Outdoor speakers are made to stand up against the elements. Most of the outdoor speakers are waterproof, making them able to resist direct assaults from the rain, sun and even cold while other speakers are just weather-resistant, meaning they will still require protection from heavy rain.
  • One of the options for Outdoor speakers come with mounting brackets. You no longer need to go into B&Q to look for the right brackets to install your speakers. Most outdoor speakers come with a unique outdoor mounting bracket that will attach to the side of your house with an easy installation, and most outdoor speakers also come with a paintable grill and enclosures so you can make them to the colour of your scheme. Alternatively, many permanent outdoor speakers can also be placed around the garden while completely hidden to create that nice ambient atmosphere for your music, in order for these speakers to be hidden they come disguised as rocks or stakes or other objects made especially for your garden, having the best music while also helping with the decor of the garden.
Outdoor speaker on edge of grass


When using the permanent outdoor entertainment speakers cabling must be done with an external grade cable, designed specifically to protect the wire against the sun or moisture and in some cases even armored for better protection from the elements and deterioration. Some systems use a non-regular configuration, so it is very essential that you check before you start doing your plans for wiring outdoors. 

Speaker placement should always be done with care. As installing speakers under eaves on the roof, two or three stories up usually requires the volume to be turned up pretty loud for the patio area, and blasting our favorite tunes across the neighborhood might not make us our neighbor's favorites, this is why before we install we need to find the perfect location in our gardens, helping us find the perfect acoustics to help us enjoy our music at all times with the best sound quality possible for our outdoor space and enjoy the real experience.

You must consider the following before you make the decision on which system is more appropriate for you. 

  • How do you plan to use your outdoor entertainment system?.
  • What are you going to be listening too?
  • What time of the day and year will you be listening?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you will be able to determine which is the most appropriate setup for speakers and the positioning.  It is a possibility to get speakers positioned where they are protected from the elements, but will they remain aesthetically in-line with the design of your home? You have to always remember that maintenance can become an issue if your speakers are exposed to more strong weather conditions.

One of the most popular options is having your SmartPhone as the storage place of choice for your music. So if you are installing external outdoor entertainment it is crucial you think about how to connect it to the speakers. Having your Wi-Fi network extended all the way out to where your outdoor entertainment system is located will solve the problem. 

Any choice of speakers you decide for your outdoor area will be a great investment to any system. Whether you want to listen to your music quietly while you relax by the pool or on your yard with a nice book or enjoying an enjoyable BBQ with your relatives and friends will create a fantastic experience for everyone and a great solution for your outdoor entertainment. 

We genuinely hope this guide helped you decide on which outdoor speaker setup you find more convenient for your home. If you have any more doubts please don't hesitate to contact us. Home Automate is here to offer you the best solutions.

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