5 Reasons on why you must own a music server in your smart home

Music server entertainment

It is undeniable the fact that music changes our mood, regardless of the genre it can be relaxing or exciting, beautiful and even sad. The way we perceive music is mind blowing, its waves penetrate through our ears and into our brain, and we can genuinely feel the way it moves, twirls and gravitates around us. Regardless if it's by nature or a performer we can all agree that music is something that brings us joy and it is something that we - most of us - would love to have with us at all times.

So with great times come significant challenges, and that's what's happening between the smart-home industry and music. Music and music formats evolve every day, bringing more opportunities and satisfaction to listeners. So the home automation industry needed to step up and provide options, reliable and affordable ones. Fast-paced, customer-oriented solutions to this growing and somewhat complicated market.

So, nowadays we have several new options that allow us to enjoy music the way it's supposed to be. The industry then created the music server, and this is a fantastic product that lets you store your entire music collection and be able to get to it whenever and wherever you are, with the aid of a user-friendly interface.

But why have a music server? Let us provide a list of five reasons on why anyone who owns an intelligent home, or somebody considering taking a start on a home automation project, must have a music server in their house.

Music server speakers

So the first reason why you should have a music server is:

1 - An easy way to find and play your music.

We all love music and the joy of experiencing it, so how cool is it to get to your entire music collection using a universal remote control, you don't have to leave your chair. 

Browsing through hundreds of album covers, or creating a special playlist for every occasion without having to record it or without getting up to change discs. 

Access to all your songs in seconds and keep your CDS and LPS safe elsewhere from over-use or dusting. Your precious vinyl will be safe and sound.

And it is not exclusive to audio files; you can store your photo and a video collection too, remember that the home automation market offers a solution for every entertainment need your project requires. The sky's the limit.

2 - Affordability & variety.

If you look at the big picture and benefits an audio server brings into a smart home, you'll realise how inexpensive it is. Considering especially how many devices it can replace.. 

There are many solutions out there for you, now the issue with this devices is that sometimes it's hard for them to meet the high -standard sound quality that we come to expect. In that department, there are companies such as Loxone who can deliver outstanding audio quality on their devices, making the audio experience on a smart home a surreal one.

Entertainment system by sofa

3 - Easier way to entertain guests at parties or privately: 

If you or your loved ones enjoy having guests occasionally,  you will love the fantastic features audio servers offer. You can literally play music over and over for hours, and being able to concentrate on being the perfect host for the perfect party. 

You don't like parties but to sit and relax while in the house? No problem, audio servers help you create the right ambience for any mood within your premises. Now, this goes hand in hand with Home Automation features like motion control, with those, music will follow you around into any room you enter. Imagine carrying out your day to day living while listening to the perfect tune for the perfect moment. Loxone also provides an extense catalogue on such features.

Your whole entertainment system can be adjusted, so you don't have to deal with annoying wake-up alarms from your smartphone, so the system helps you to wake up in the morning by playing your favourite song or radio station.

Remember that any requirement you have, most likely there's a smart solution to it.  

4 - Save some space at home replacing CD storage shelves:    

Let's face it, we all love our music collection but sometimes is a drag, a painful one, to see all those cd cases empty and their CDs nowhere to be found. You can put all the CD collection into a music server and dispose of all those shelves that take space and diminish the beauty of your smart home.

Meridian music server and speaker

5 - Finally, sound quality and comfort:

The last - but not least - reason on why you should get an Audio Server for your smart home project is quality. If you like to enjoy good quality music in that particular tune you want to hear, then you should read about the sound quality you can achieve on audio servers for your smart house. The home listening experience gets wholly downgraded when it doesn't go through the proper sound channel. 


Now,  if your precious audio collection is being stored in an adequately designed audio server, you will go through the most significant sound experience ever. 

These devices will reproduce your collection at a quality level you have never experienced before. We even dare to assure that the quality level you get is unparalleled at many levels. There are companies such as Loxone and Meridian feel this passion for music, and deliver high quality devices to address any requirement you have.

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