Five Reasons For Multi-Room Audio

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Music can be more than just a pleasant arrangement of sounds. Music is a critical aspect of our lives. It is safe to say that music is the food for our souls, as the music we listen to always has a profound impact on how we feel.

We truly believe a Multi-Room Entertainment Audio System is a significant part of a Real Smart Home.

Music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, pain and even improve our moods or sleep quality among many other things.

Let us guide you through five excellent reasons why you should choose to have a Multi-Room Entertainment Audio system in almost every room of your home.

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What Is A Multi-Room Audio?

Before we get into the reasons, we need to answer this vital question. Not long ago this solution wasn't even around. If we think back to how it used to be and how we used to listen to music around the house, it would usually involve a big stereo or Hi-Fi located in the lounge (CD player, tuner, tape deck and even a record deck).  

Then in the kitchen, there used to be a small radio next to the window, and in the bedroom the classic ever-popular alarm clock radio. It was almost impossible to transfer what we wanted to listen to in one room to the next one.

Our old time solution for listening to music through the entire house when entertaining a BBQ or a house party was to blast our Hi-Fi setup to full volume, allowing everyone to hear the music in the backyard or where ever it was needed.

Making consequences show up at our doorstep, the neighbours were never happy, our children couldn't sleep for the loud music, but turning the music down for them would ruin the fun for everyone else. 

1) What is the benefit of Multi-Room audio then?

Well, first it allows us to be able to listen to different music in different rooms of our home, or even the same music in multiple rooms. It is up to you, and what you feel like doing, you are in control. This means you could listen to relaxing sounds in the kitchen or your study while you perform your tasks, while your children are lulled to sleep with their favourite audiobook thanks to the smart home and Multi-Room soundproof system. 

When entertaining you can ensure the party will never cease to amaze by having the same music playing in every room of the house, the kitchen, lounge, dining room and the backyard or garden. 

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2) Different Playlists, Different Genres.

Keeping our homes in full harmony at all times can be a tricky task. We don’t all share the same taste in music and choosing a playlist to listen through the entire house, and suits everyone is almost impossible.

Dad might like The Beatles, while Mum prefers some Adele and let’s not even start with what teenagers like these days. And let’s not forget about the little princesses that show no sign of getting tired of singing along to Disney songs. 

The variety of tastes is a good enough reason to have a Multi-Room Audio at home. Each family member will be able to listen to what they desire at any given time, from a variety of different sources. With speakers in every room and your preferred Music Server provider, everyone can sit back and relax while playing their chosen tunes in their space.

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3) Each Day Starting The Right Way.

We have mentioned before the power that music has over our feelings. Soft and soothing music can help us relax our minds, bodies and souls. But on the other hand, listening to upbeat and pump tunes will increase our heart rate and blood pressure feeling raring to go. 

The proven influence of music starts our day on the right note. During the mornings we like a gentle awakening playlist to bring us out of our slumber and then have the perfect get up and go music playing while we get ready in the bathroom. The musical transition is sure to help you put your best foot forward each day.

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4) The Right Music, In The Right Place.

We like to sometimes throw a nice BBQ with the neighbours on a quiet Saturday afternoon, but with beautiful weather and drinks coming and going; a few more friends are bound to arrive. This will more than likely change to be one of those get-togethers that will end up in lively games in the lounge and a small dose of gossip session in the kitchen, too. 

Turning what was a quiet Saturday BBQ into a bit of a party. But since when has this been a problem? Your Multi-Room Audio system is ready to shine on the spot. Creating a music group that includes all the rooms that you want the same music to be played in, so the party never gets affected.

For example, grouping the living room, dining room, patio and kitchen music zones to have the same music playing in all these rooms. The speakers in other rooms of the house will still be able to play different music and tunes, so the children can again hear their favourite songs without being interrupted by the loud party music. 

5) Always Alerted For Potential Danger Straight Away.

Rest assured that no matter how loud the music is, your Smart Home will still be able to let you know of any potential hazards, if your Smart Home System detects fire, smoke or any leaks in the house the music playing will be paused, and a designated alarm sound or message will play on the Multi-Room Audio Speakers. 

After a long and stressful day at the office, the study can be the perfect place to unwind and take some time off. Having the ideal playlist can make it so easy to focus and relax while you rest from the long, exhausting day.

Or you could even motivate your inner-chef, at the price of it turning into karaoke for the family of course! Playing your favourite tune in the kitchen while you channel your inner Gordon Ramsay can be so much fun and motivation. They say the food tastes better when it is cooked with love and joy, so kick up your mood with music and prepare the most amazing dishes you have served in a while. 

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