Faradite Partnership

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Recently Home Automate continued it's expansion and developed a partnership with Faradite. Working together allows us to offer luxury smart controls to all our developments who are seeking that extra touch of luxury for their home automation system. 

Faradite smart controls

We reached out to Faradite after seeing the quality of their luxury smart controls and identifying that we wanted to offer these products to our clients. Even though Faradite currently offers a minimalist catalogue of products, we're sure to see them developing more luxury automation options. Their range currently consists of Tap 5 switch offering 5 different functions in one switch, Tap 1 switch consisting of 1 smart function and a discreet 360 motion sensor

Each switch comes embedded with temperature sensors, digital outputs and vibration functions to offer that classy experience. However, at the core of each of these products is the luxury finish which takes Faradite away from their competition with brushed copper, brushed stainless steel and matt white finishes adding that extra touch.

Faradite tap 5 config

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