5 FAQ's On A Wireless Smart Home

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A smart home is a type of house that can be controlled over an internet connection through a mobile phone or a computer. You can have your lighting, heating, security and entertainment all connected and working as one. In addition to being automated, these aspects of a house can complement each other and some newer technologies allow devices to learn from its owners.

Right now a real plethora of smart home developers and manufacturers offer many solutions so people can access the world of smart home technology. The complexity of home automation depends on the house and on the elements that the homeowners wish to automatise. This is a list for the homeowner who is still wondering if a retrofit smart home solution is the way to go or not.

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Wireless Technology, Is It Really Something We Can Trust?

A major issue for most people reluctant to embrace smart home technology is not knowing if a house who depends entirely on data transmission is completely reliable.

Reliability is very important for smart home product manufacturers. Let’s take smart heating for example: if a room gets too cold, a smart home can tell the heating system to heat that particular room. 

If for some reason the connection gets lost and the heating system cannot deliver the task, the smart home - using a mini server - will inform the owner, so he/she can take the necessary actions. This goes to show that even in the event of a poor wifi connection, your devices are still reliable.

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Is It Really Possible To Run A Smart House Only With Wireless Technology?

Most families who are looking to turn their home into a smart one, have a hard time deciding how to start a new project. The main reason is that they believe that in order to turn their house into a smart one, they must run a cable throughout the house and basically do a home makeover. In reality, they have the option to go entirely wireless, but, as we already know, it’s a common belief to hesitate about wireless solution's effectiveness.

Hopefully, that concern is something from the past. Many manufacturers have developed a type of technology that allows them to create mesh networks in order to provide good wireless reception in larger houses or property with a complex structure or thick walls.

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How Safe Can Smart Home Technology Be?

Protection is very important for the home automation industry and for homeowners equally. Wireless technology, when it's not encrypted can represent the risk of someone attempting to hack your network and get sensitive information from you or your family members.

The good thing is that smart home manufacturers add encryption features to the language that’s spoken among devices. Keeping the communication that your devices have inside the house is vital to enjoying home automation. Make sure to use a provider that can guarantee usage of encryption keys, in order to keep your privileged information, safe.

How Can I Make Sure That My Devices Are Always Updated With The Most Recent Technology?

When smart home technology started to become more popular, the majority of the smart products that were available were not open for upgrades. This means that if back in the day you got the latest model in a smart thermostat, it’s cutting -edge technology status will only last until the new model made its appearance.

It’s important to clarify that even though there are still many smart home devices that are not upgradeable, some manufacturers are betting on constant updates that will keep the devices functional and up to date.

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Can a wireless-only Smart House Be As Functional As A Wired One?

Of course, it can be just as functional. Many smart home companies let users enjoy the full potential of their wireless devices, making sure that integration among systems is conducted flawlessly. Companies like Loxone are betting on new technologies that increase wireless device's functionality.

Right now there are new homes that are already smart home-friendly and there’s a whole new market for those houses. If you have a regular house and are looking to start a retrofit project, it requires a whole new approach. If you have a team of home automation experts ready to guide you through this important project, make sure that they can deliver quality and reliability from all the devices and the network they’ll be using.

If you lack the team, or if you’re missing the right guidance, you can talk to one of our specialists who can guide you through properly.

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